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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Big News

Well, we have more big news to share.  This year has been full of surprises some good and some not good.  Life is about to get hectic once again.  Some friends guessed I might be pregnant.  Unfortunately, I am not but we're still on the fence about having another one.  Some people thought that I might start catering again.  I loved that time in my life but I don't have the kitchen or really the time to devote to that job esp. with homeschooling.  Catering was a lot of work with very long hours.

So, what is the Big News?

We are moving AGAIN!

Yep, that's right.  But, it's just 4 miles down the road.  The owners of our cabin in the woods wants to move back in.  Boohoo!  So we started looking for a new place about a month ago.  I initially had a lot of anxiety about having to move again.  I hadn't even unpacked from this move.  But gifts come in all kinds of packages.  I had been affirming to myself about living in the cabin in the woods and it happened.  Well, another thing that I haven't shared with you all is that I adore spanish style houses.  I used to draw house plans for fun when I was young and sometimes even now.  At one point I thought that I wanted to be an architect.  One style house that I love to draw is the Spanish style square house that has a central courtyard.  It's funny because Andy also loved to draw house plans growing up and he too loves that house style.  So, we both always said that when we were older that we would build a house like that - a Spanish/Moroccan hacienda with a central garden courtyard.

We found a house in Sawpit across from Fall Creek Rd.  It is a Spanish style house that is well built with 6 in walls and completely original from being built in 1979.  It doesn't have the central courtyard but it is so super cool.  It has a split level design so it is awesome for entertaining.  The girls have a secret passageway loft that connects their rooms.  It sits on 2 acres which includes river frontage across the Hwy and a beautiful canyon to explore in behind the house.  It has a playhouse for the girls too.  It is a house that is also a dream come true.  It has 4 br and 2 1/2 ba and a heated detached garage for Andy's workshop.  I am not looking forward to the move but I am looking forward to getting settled into a house that feels like our home.  The owners live in Oregon and have even offered to do owner financing.  Now, that is something to even get more excited about.  How many people get to test drive their house?

Do you want to see more?  Click the photo below to see the rest of the photos of our new Hacienda in the woods.


  1. Congratulations! It looks like a dream. I bet you all will be very comfortable there!

  2. Congratulations!!! Sounds like it will be awesome. What a beautiful house!


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