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Monday, July 7, 2014

13 Summer Freezer Meals - Yummy & Low Carb

Since we are now living in the mountains and away from the conveniences of town, I am lacking on those last minute quick meals that are healthy.  I have never been a big fan of the freezer.  I am much more in the European mindset of going to the market every day and only having a little tiny fridge under the counter.  Unfortunately, my romantic notion of groceries isn't realistic here.  I have been forced to be like the squirrel which reminds me of a White Stripe's song.  I have decided to buckle down and make some freezer meals to have on hand for those days that I would have ordered a pizza or chinese.

The only problem I keep finding is that the freezer meal ideas that I keep coming across are not low carb or they don't sound appetizing to me.  After much searching in my own recipe box and on the internet, I created a list of some pretty good and healthy ideas.  Today, I am going to get all my ingredients and tomorrow it will be a freezer cooking party.  Anyone is welcome to come join me!

  1. Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas - I'm going to do roasted chiles, use corn tortillas and add spinach.  I love pickled red onions so I will just have a jar of them handy but they are easy to make and pretty fast to do at the last minute.
  2. Shrimp Scampi - I will will cut panko in half and also use some almond flour for topping.
  3. Spanakopita Meatballs - I will make the Ziki Sauce the day of and serve this with a big Greek salad.
  4. Beef Ragout and Cauliflower Mash - You can do beef or lamb.  To Freeze, I will put the mash down in a freezer dish and then the ragout on top.  Then Bake it at 350 F for 1 hr if frozen.
  5. JalapeƱos Popper Chicken - These will be great to freeze on a cookie sheet then throw into a freezer bag.  I think these would be so good with some collard greens.
  6. Stuffed Salmon
  7. Cuban Sandwich Pie - I will add the pickle and fresh tomato after cooking with mojo sour cream.
  8. Chicken Cordon Bleu - I'm going to add almond flour with the pork rind dust and some kale inside the chicken. 
  9. White Turkey Chili 
  10. Greek Chicken Pie - I am going to use a phyllo top for the crust with no bottom crust.
  11. Summer Veggie Strudel
  12. No Noodles Garden Lasagna - I'll make my own tomato sauce and also add some homemade pesto.  You can add whatever veggies that you would like.
  13. Breakfast Burritos - These are great.  You can add any filling.  I will make some with regular tortillas and a few with low carb tortillas for me.

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