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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our {New Cabin} in the Woods

I've been stating out loud since our Three Graces' retreat in November that I am going to have a cabin in the woods.  I truly believe that if you put your intentions out there then the Universe will deliver.  And deliver it did!  For nine years now Andy has been commuting an hour and a half to Telluride to work each way.  I really don't know how he did it for this long.  It took a toll on him and our family!  For the last several years we have been wanting to move back up to Telluride but it just didn't seem to ever happen.

We both decided to focus on the life we both wanted while not trying to force it.  We were able to rent our house out to the perfect family and then the perfect cabin became available to us.  We were in a long long line of people wanting this place.  Our family was picked to be able to live here.  I owe that all to my Southern heritage because the previous tenants are also Southern so we hit off immediately.

Today is the first day that I have really started to drag with unpacking.  We have been at it for two weeks now.  Packing up a house after 9 years is quite the chore and then unpacking is definitely not a walk in the park.  We have it livable but there is so much to do this summer to get it completely settled.

I wanted to share with you all our little place that we scored big on!  So just remember to say out loud twice a day what your heart desires and don't try to force it.  It will all happen just the way it is supposed to be.

**You will have to excuse the boxes and mess.  It is a work in progress!!

The outside of the house from the back where the view and yard is.

The side of the back of the house is where the covered patio is and where our porch furniture is hidden right now because of moving boxes.

The back yard view.

A little shed that I want to turn into the chicken coop.

Walking in upstairs into the living room.  It's a big open floor plan.

Our master bedroom.  It has a window across from the bed with beautiful views of the mountains. Our bathroom goes off to my right and behind the headboard are his and her closets.  So nice to hide our "clothes situation" behind closed doors!

Coming downstairs into the family room area.  Andy's going to build me a long narrow craft/sewing table for this area.  The girls and I are so excited about this!!

Here is the family room that is right off of the craft area.  It is so cozy and has a wood burning stove and doors that open up to the backyard and hot tub.

This is the mudroom that is to the bottom right of the stairs.  But right now it is holding our overflow of stuff.

Under the stairs we started a reading nook.  We'll paint and add lights and accessories to make it more cozy.

This room is shared with Evelyn and Sophia.  It is really big so we created their own spaces on each side of the room.  This is Sophia's side.

This is Evelyn's side.

This is Georgia's room.  She was so awesome and packed up almost her whole room and unpacked it all by herself!


  1. How lovely it is! You are going to love living there, I just know it. Can't wait to come visit! Andy is going to love that hot tub for his back after working so hard all day!

  2. Dream Big. It works. Check this out. It's my theme song and I need to sing it to my kids more often! Thanks for the reminder.


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