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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{i see hearts} Valentine Ideas

I started pinning and liking photos on Pinterest and Instagram that are hearts in nature or in random places.  I want to do something cool for Andy and the girls for Valentine's with them.  I'm still thinking of the perfect presentation though.

Check out my Pinterest Board Here.


Valentine's Day has never really been a big holiday for us.  We feel like we love each other big on all sorts of random days throughout the year.  But, we do like to do something thoughtful for each other or homemade.  Andy is a wonderful writer and poet so he has written me poems throughout the years but not every year.  I treasure them all.  Last year we both wrote a 100 reasons why we loved the other.  I usually make something cool for him usually to eat or either some fun little adventure to go on.  Since we are in the mountains, a day of skiing, snowshoeing or cross country skiing is right up our alley.

Here are a couple of ideas that I have seen lately that I adore for this Valentine's Day for your spouse or children.  Also here are some previous posts of mine that are about Valentines: kid party snacks, card ideas for kids, ideas for him, article madly? in love.

These are a couple of ideas that I want to do this year.

1. These heartful tea bags are adorable at Herimajination.  Andy loves tea and so do I so this is a great universal gift.

2. These little pillows would be perfect for the girls from Minlillaveranda.  I think I would even make them into little tooth fairy pillows too.  I like functional things.

3. This would be fun to do if we didn't have snow covered side walks.

4. The girls are goo goo over Donuts and would love something like this.

5.  Andy and I love a good movie night.  Here are a few of my picks: Love Actually, Sabrina, Midnight in Paris, Amelie, Say Anything, Forget Paris.

6. I love this wreath for my front door.  The girls and I are going to make something similar to this one this week.  The blog that it is originally from seems to be unactivated or deleted.

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