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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Every Day

I personally think romance should happen year round not just once a year.  But it is a good excuse to be kinda sappy.  My husband & I usually do a little something for each other - a card, a poem or a sweet gesture that's a little extra than normal.  But, we usually like to "DO" things together because to me that's just way sexier.  We love snow skiing or cross country or snowshoeing since it is winter in CO!!  But I have no problems with beach things either :)  Plus you get to be in a bathing suit in the sand with your honey.....  Sounds perfect too.

So, here are a few of my Valentine Day suggestions for the couples who are little more like us:


Homemade or Bought is just fine but I LOVE these from Etsy.

Project Valentine - Valentine Architecture Construction Card
Architecture Valentine Construction Card
And I always think a touching sentiment written inside is a nice touch.  Write a love poem.  Last year we both wrote 100 reasons why we love the other.  I love reading over it!

And if you are looking for some ideas, check out my Etsy Treasury List for special gifts for Him!

May all of you have a very Romantic & Sensual Day!!!

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