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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Party Snacks for Kids

I am one of those parents who don't particularly care for the class parties.  My child always comes home on the worst sugar highs ever and then hits that bottom cranky low.  This year I thought well I will just fix that issue and volunteer doing the snacks for the Valentine's party!  Cause I guess you can't complain if you don't help out.  When I told her teacher, she hugged me & even said she'd kiss me!  haha  I have no problem with that.

I found several different ideas.  Then,  I let my daughter pick out 3 of her favorites.  Here are the ones we came up with.  She can't wait to help make them!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Sprinkles.  I am going to use white chocolate.

Valentine's Day Pretzels
Photo Source

Cream Cheese & Fruit Heart Pizzettes.

Photo Source
Layered Jello Pops - 1) Using a jello layer, 2) a yogurt/gelatin layer, 3) whipping cream/gelatin layer

Valentine's Day Jell-O Pops
Photo Source

What are some healthy alternatives that any of you suggest?

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