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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ankle Boots - Tips & Ways I'd wear them

I have an awesome pair of black leather ankle boots that I hardly wear.  Every outfit I attempt to wear them with isn't quite right.  Or they just seem too dressy in my mountain-town, dressed-down atmosphere.  So, I decided to do a little online browsing for some inspiration to whip up some great ensembles to go with my stylish booties!  

I also found some awesome tips for ankle boots.  I think they can be a challenge in your wardrobe but when done right they look so fashionable!


  • You don't want the boots to cut you off & make your legs look stumpy or heavy.  Ways to do that: wear the same color on legs as the boots (photo #1) or wear a shorter skirt/dress/shorts to see more of your leg (photo #2).
      Keira Knightley wearing bootcut jeans and ankle boots
      Photo #3
    • Wear jeans that are tapered around the leg or fold wider leg jeans right over the top of boot (photo #3).
    • Another thing to keep in mind - very thin heels will make a larger frame look heavier while chunky heels will make a thin person look even scrawnier.  So make sure you get the right proportions.
    • And women - always remember to dress for your body shape!  Wear clothes that fit properly, so don't try to squeeze into things (esp. be careful with too much layering to fit into things, it will still look too small) and don't let clothes completely hang on you either.  Try to always achieve a nice hourglass figure (that topic is for another post one day). The same is true with your boots.  Get ones that fit, are proportional to your frame & are comfortable!
    • Ankle boots that are more streamlined (without a lot of straps/buckles) and have a tapered shaft are the most versatile bootie for all body shapes. 
                          For more detailed tips for body shapes. 

    Here are three ways to wear my ankle booties with my wardrobe using the tips that I read about.  I can't wait to wear my new outfits!

    MY BOOTS!!

    Skinny Leg Jean with a rolled cuff & Striped Sweater 

    Mini Jean Skirt, Blouse & Sweater with Bare Legs

    Cute Secretary Dress with Black Tights

    Here are some other favorite booties:


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