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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Feathered Friend Mobile for Sophia

We finally finished Sophia's mobile for her glittered room make over!  It turned out so adorable.  Sophia said it is way better than what she originally had thought of.  We hung it over the foot of her bed so she could see it when she laid down.

We made little birds from scrap fabrics with this Pattern from Spool.  I love the little stitched ends that Sophia did below.  It makes it even cuter.

 This summer we collected a bunch of drift wood at the Ridgway Reservoir along the shoreline.  A couple of months ago when it was still warm, Sophia and I painted her two driftwood branches for her mobile.

I used a round garden plant support to attach the polyester filling to with a thread and a needle.  I just sewing it on.  It's pretty secure that way.  I want to find some little LED lights to put in the cloud too.  We hot glued the birds to the branches and tied them up with some strips of scrap silk that I had.

We went on a nature adventure walk one day near the duck pond to make our Thanksgiving Pinecone Turkeys and also collected bigger feathers for Sophia's mobile.  We glittered up the ends of each feather  and glued pretty little feathers on top of the bigger feathers.  We used different types of ribbons to suspend the feathers at different heights.

It only took us about 5 months to finish it but I am glad we did it and hung it up.  Now I just need to find some twinkle lights for it!

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