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Monday, October 28, 2013

Glitter Paint Makeover

It was time for Sophia's room to get a little makeover!  It was still the same from the days of her nursery.  She decided that she wanted it pink with glitter and the sky with clouds and birds for the ceiling.  I did a little research and scanned Pinterest to find something perfect for her.

I painted the bottom half of her room in a dusty pink and the top half in a light baby blue.  I got the Champagne Glitter Paint by Martha Stewart at Home Depot and rolled it over the pink.  It created a perfect shimmer that really shines at night time with the lamp light.  Sophia decided she wanted hearts for the border.  So, I traced hearts with a template and a pink sharpie.  Then I painted in the hearts with a pale pink pearl paint also from Martha Stewart.  They also give a shimmery reflection.

We plan to make a big mobile that will hang over her bed.  We are using these mobiles as inspiration for our own.  Stay tuned for that upcoming project.

Driftwood Mobile
Raincloud Mobile
Bird Mobile

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