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Monday, November 25, 2013

Nature Walk Pinecone Turkeys

When the girls and I went on a little nature walk, we went down to Baldrige Park which has a duck pond.  I was hoping to find some feathers for a couple of craft projects that we had coming up.  We found TONS of feathers and even a special feather for our Feather Friend!!  

We gathered pinecones, feathers, pretty leaves and lots of other natural things that we made into our dining room centerpiece.  When we got home we glued the feathers and leaves into the back of the pinecones.

Then we cut out little orange felt triangles and glued them in the front.  I had some old artificial floral stamens that we wrapped around and glued in to be the eyes.  I had some of those plastic giggly eyes but the girls and I both thought that it made our turkeys look a little freaky so we opted for the stamens instead.

Sophia was not happy that I forgot to add her rose petals on her turkey.  OOPS!  She is totally my Fancy Nancy in the family.  Guess I need to tuck some in the front of her turkey feathers.  Here is our family of Nature Walk Turkeys which we have above our kitchen sink.

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