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Monday, December 9, 2013

Quiz: Is She a Toxic Friend or Are YOU?

I like taking quizes sometimes.  It makes me feel young for some reason.  I guess it reminds of those times in High School reading my Sixteen Magazine and in college reading Cosmo.  So anyway every now and then I am reading online and see a fun quiz and I take it.


This one is a quiz from Ladies' Home Journal that determines if you have a toxic friend.  But I started thinking about it and decided that maybe people should be taking the quiz for their own benefit.  I've had girlfriends complain about stuff and all the while I am thinking "Yeah, you do the same thing but can't see it".  We all do stuff that we can't see.

I feel very fortunate to not have toxic friends in my everyday life.  I do have some and...some toxic family members.  But, I try to follow Oprah's advice and she says to keep people who lift you higher in your immediate circle of friends.  It really is the way to go!  But sometimes, it is hard to remove people from your life that no longer serve you.  I also think as women we tend to forgive our friend's shortcomings much quicker than men do.  Andy has told me on numerous occasions throughout the years that if he had a friend act like that or talk to him like that - he would NOT be their friend.  I know he has a point but there are so many reasons why I can't or wouldn't just unfriend them.  But as I get a little older I have an easier time weeding out those friends to more of an acquaintance level.

I have had to officially break up with a friend once and a job too.  It was not fun!  But that relationship was so toxic that the quiz and my mother said that there had to be something wrong with me or something that I needed to learn for still being friends with her and still working in a bad job environment.  I know that this is a problem for other women because I see on Pinterest TONS of pins about this subject matter.

So, take the Quiz.  Then retake the Quiz to reflect on yourself.  Now, be honest ladies - don't go sugar coating yourself.

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