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Monday, February 17, 2014

Grocery Store Math Activity Worksheets

I'm always looking for activities to incorporate into school work in ordinary living situations.  Going to the grocery store is almost a weekly activity.  Each time we go I try to create something fun for the girls to do together but will teach them some useful skills.  This week I created a grocery list for them.  I used the same list for both girls who are in 1st grade and 4th grade that way they can stick together in the store.

Both girls would have to write down the actual cost of each item.  On Georgia's chart (4th grade) she had to write down what she thought the cost would be ahead of time and total it all up.  Then when we got home she had to manually add up the actual costs which was great practice with decimals.

Sophia's list (1st grade) had her write down the actual cost.  Then when we returned home, she learned how to round up or round down to the nearest dollar.  Then she added up the rounded amount.

It proved to be a really good lesson for both of them.  Georgia's projected cost was $30 over what the actual cost was.

Here are the downloadable PDF files to print out to use.

Georgia's 4th grade Worksheet

Sophia's 1st grade Worksheet

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