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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine card ideas without candy

Happy Valentine's Everyone!  Big hugs and love to you all today.  The girls and I are excited about today because we are going to our friend's valentine party that she is throwing for some of our other homeschooling friends.  We made our boxes earlier this week to exchange cards with everyone today and yesterday we finally finished up our valentine cards.  I wanted to do something without all the sweets but something that would still be fun for the kids.  I also wanted to do something where I didn't have to go buy anything because I have a rather large supply of craft stuff already.

I was able to fulfill all my requirements with these cute little Valentine card ideas.

Evelyn made little black hearts out of card stock.  We traced out our hearts and cut them out.  Evelyn glued the eyes on and with a chalk pen I wrote Be Mine, arrows, a little face and to/from on the back. I used an exactor knife to cut out the finger holes.

Sophia made clothespin heart monsters. We cut out felt hearts and hot glued the eyes on and used pinking shears to cut the heart in half to create the teeth.  We then hot glued them onto the side of the clothespin.  Then, we cut out heart shaped card stock for the valentine cards to go in the monster's mouth.

Georgia made her own Mad Libs named The History of Valentine's Day.  We learned about this tradition and she wrote it out and decided on what words to leave out. Then, she typed it up on the computer and I added some color and pink dots!

The girls are so excited to give them out today.  They made extra ones to give to their Dad for Valentine's Day.  Hope you all have a Loving Valentine's Day!

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