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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Homeschool Weekly Schedule and a free template

Since I started homeschooling in November, I have been just winging it on a daily basis.  I'm not a real good schedule follower.  It just feels too constricting.  My mother is a bit of a crazy list maker.  Yep, I will have to share some of the lists that I dug up from her in that big box of memorabilia.  

But, almost everyday the girls would annoyingly ask me in the mornings over and over again about all the details of the day.  I would say a few things that we were going to do and that I wasn't sure the order of them.  This scenario has been going on for weeks and escalating until the other night I asked Georgia if she would prefer to have a set schedule that is posted on the frig.  So, this way they could see how the day was going to go.  Georgia said, "Yes, Please!!!!"  


I got up yesterday and made a template and then the girls and I filled it out together.  We did follow it yesterday, and I have to admit that the day did go a little smoother.  We had been running over in certain subjects that would throw us off.  Then, all of a sudden I would realize it's almost 1:00 pm, and we hadn't had lunch yet.  Everyone would be a little cranky.  There wasn't room for free time or practicing music.  Plus, we were all sleeping in way too late.

I know the schedule is just a guideline because some days things will change due to life.  It's just funny that something I was resisting so much was so wanted and needed for my girls.  It's a perfect example of what my mom used to teach me about when I first became a mother.  She would tell me not to parent from my own childhood needs or lack thereof but to parent my girls from their needs.  This shows that something that I didn't like as a child is something that my children need.

Here's the schedule that we are going to try out.

Here's a free template that I made for you all to use.
Download the PDF file


  1. I know we couldn't live without our schedule! Glad you found a way that works for you guys!

  2. Such an inspiration to be so present with your kids! Way to go mama :)

  3. What did you use to make the template?


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