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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Have you heard of Etip iPhone Ski Gloves?

My mom got for Christmas from her husband some Etip gloves from North Face.  They have conductive fingertips so you can answer your touch screen phones without having to take off your gloves.  How cool is that?  I had never even heard of them before.

You can get everyday type of gloves or ski ones.  I would want ski ones because it is such a hassle taking them off on the lift or when you are skiing.  Here are the ski ones that I want below.

They are a pretty penny too for $120.  

SO, I thought couldn't I find some conductive material and sew it on my own gloves.

And YEP, you can do so easy yourself.

Here's a DIY video:

Here's another DIY tutorial with sites that sell conductive thread :

I can't wait to get my gloves hooked up!

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