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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Handmade Giveaway for a {New} Marmie

I am so excited to finally make almost all the changes to my blog.  Since I have been in the process of creating a simpler family life, it has brought me to a new place with Marmie too.  I am not going to focus on resale of Marmie but instead creating things for my family and friends and sharing them with you.  I may give away things to you all here and there but overall I love having my blog as a creative outlet that's just for me.

I have been thinking for days about my new design and what it would look like.  I dreamed about using Georgia's artwork, including a bluebird and some yellow somehow.  The background of the letters for Marmie is one of my favorite pieces of art that she whipped up one afternoon with some scraps of trash.    I wanted to use a bluebird because it's my reminder that I use to keep me grounded and full of gratitude.  Every time I see one, I tell myself that I am exactly where I ought to be and life is beautiful.  Yellow is just a color that makes me happy.  Andy always tells me that I am solar powered.  It's so true.  I don't think I could survive outside of sunny Colorado!

In honor and celebration of my new focus and me listening to my inner self.  I am promoting my new[ness] with a great big giveaway.  Each week during Christmas I will list another awesome handmade gift by me that will complete a whole ensemble.  I will also throw in some other yummy goodies from my kitchen and maybe some cool stuff from some other local artisan. 

All the ways to get more entries are listed via Rafflecopter and through my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  And HERE on my blog of course!

There are so many ways to win!  Please share the word about the New Marmie.

1)  The first gift is a Yarn bombed Antler long necklace in shades of purple on a vintage block chain in gold with a hand stamped Coloradolove charm.

2) The second gift is a loose, arm-knitted color block (black/oatmeal) infinity scarf in a soft wool blend chunky yarn.

3)  The third gift is a one size fits all Tunic Sweater.  It is a loose, sheer knit with a metallic sheen.  The burgundy and black stripes are perfect for the Holidays.  It has tapered edges on the sides on the bottom.

4)  The last gift is a pair of Seattle Grey Knit Travel Pants.  Super comfy and soft knit with a fold over yoga waistband.  They are a size S/M.  Great for lounging in the house, traveling or wearing out & about.  A wide leg gives that flounce when you walk and the forgiving sizing makes them an easy fit.

Enter to win HERE:  
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm looking forward to following your new blog and interested to see what your new focus will be!

    1. Thanks so much for being an awesome Marmie Supporter Paula! I appreciate you so much.

  2. You got me at yarn bombed antler necklace!!! I wish we were neighbors.

    1. I sure wish we lived close but at least it's just a mountain pass away instead 2000 miles!!

  3. I shared a photo here

  4. Can't wait to win that tunic! :)

  5. What beautiful things you are giving away!

  6. As always, would love to win!! :)

  7. I am following and subscribed
    Ashley Fryer


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