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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Ideas for Womanly Things: *coming from the girl who wanted an over-the-door ironing board at age 9

I've never been the type of girl who ever wanted fufu girl stuff, but I always wanted quality over quantity.  I also have always loved a thing to do instead of an actual wrapped present.  Here are some highlights of some of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child:  

Horse Jumps, a horse, a sheep, a stand-up mixer, a guitar, a piano, an ironing board & iron, an antique cabinet, bathroom sink faucets, a typewriter

This list makes me chuckle.  Gotta love some sink faucets for Christmas (good one Mama, wink wink)!!

Here are some gift ideas for women for the men who I KNOW are procrastinating until next week to figure out what they are getting.  Yeah, it's okay just make it something thoughtful and something that shows you actually read this blog to find out a cool gift idea.  A woman can tell when you run into the store and yell wrap it up and the girl isn't even sure what you are referring to!  Yes, Andy has done something similar in years past.  I hope he takes the time to read this post.  He gives great gifts though when he thinks about it.

Marmie's Gift Guide 2013 for a Lady

* My beloved KitchenAid mixer finally bit the dust.  It was my first Mother's Day gift from my husband, Andy, and I used it all the time.  Once I started making bread, it just couldn't handle the workload and the motor burnt out pretty fast.  I started reading lots of reviews, and I am ready to own a Bosch Mixer.  I really love this review from Topsy Turvy.  They sell the 800 Watt Bosch at our new local store called Straw Hat Farm Store.

* I love making bread.  I started and feed my own sourdough starter.  Read about how to start your own HERE.  I would love to be able to grind my own flour with this beautiful wooden grain grinder from Nutrimill.  These are also for sale at Straw Hat Farm Store mentioned above.

* I really want some linen sheets.  I think that they will be really warm in the winter and super cool in the summer.  Who doesn't love an all-season product?  Plus sheets are a gift you can both enjoy.  I am a big fan of Eileen Fisher and here are her line at Garnet Hill.  Here's a good write up about them from A Cup of JO.

* Since I live in Colorado, you can never have too many coats.  This year I have been eyeing an affordable shearling coat.  Here is a good choice at an affordable price from MinkPink.  

And Here's the $$$ one that I want!!

* A trip is always a good idea.  Here are some of my picks:  a rustic cabin in the woods or on a lake, Napa, Seattle, Paris is always a good idea or even several nights in with the kids somewhere else (make sure you plan big on this one fellas)!!  A trip to a big city for the day just to find the perfect pair of jeans for her.  That would be a pretty big deal and you would be a HERO!

* I like good, quality things.  Madewell always comes through with things that I like that are just awesome and last forever.  Plaid and Flannel are really "in" right now and are timeless.  Here are my plaid picks from there: gotta love a classic flannel plaid shirt, yum! a plaid blazer, sweet tartan pants my dear.

* Sweaters are commonplace unless it's a super nice one that she would never buy for herself unless of course she talks herself into deserving it.  I want a camel cashmere sweater that I can pair with my knee length black leather skirt.  Sounds delicious doesn't it like a caramel mocha?  

Love this one from Zara
* A really good book.  I love historical fiction.  I also love to dive into a book that takes you to a new place with new friends.  I am just starting the trilogy Chocolat by Joanne Harris.  Buy all three (Chocolat, The Girl with No Shadow & Peaches for Father Francis) then also get the movie Chocolat with a box of really exquisite truffles.

* A steamy photo session from your local photographer.  I recommend Jayna Rosentreter here in Montrose, CO.  Here are some ideas for you:

See more photo ideas HERE

* A good, classy & sexy outfit for a night on the town.  You should rent a tux and get tickets to something.  Head down to your local boutique that she loves to shop at and they will hook you up!  Here in Montrose, CO: SheShe Boutique & Pollux Clothing Company.
the dress:  I love Vivienne Westwood.


the undies: I am digging the lace high waisted.  Reminds me of a pin up girl.

 the shoes: You can't go wrong with Jimmy Choo.  You can skip the jewels if you go this route!

Jimmy Choo Anvil
the bag: A little evening bag is just the finishing touch except for Diamonds.  I have been loving the color burgundy.  A vintage bag that you got from her mother or grandmother would be perfect.

Vintage Crocodile Gucci Evening Bag

Well, there's my list for you guys!  Hope you have a fabulous Christmas this year.  But remember, a great gift is a THOUGHTFUL gift even if it's just a coupon book of fun things.  

Oh yeah and here's something awesome for you to sign on the Christmas card HERE or HERE or this Good ONE or this one would melt my heart or a funny one.


  1. Great ideas. Can't wait to try your bread after you have ground your own flour!!!

    1. Me either except we would have to win the lottery to buy all of these fabulous gifts. I will be happy with any one of these :) But I do plan to save up for one sometime soon and I will make you a loaf with fresh flour.


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