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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Staying in this New Year's? Cocktail, Movie & Game Ideas

Staying in this New Year's Eve?  I'm not sure why but new year's has just never been a thing for Andy and I.  It's pretty typical that most years even pre-baby years we were asleep before midnight.  This year we are yet again staying in but we will be celebrating in our comfy clothes, our beloved family, some games & cocktails!

Here are some ideas that we are thinking of this year:


1)  Apples to Apples.  It's a fun game that the whole family can play.  It doesn't take much to learn and is easy to play with distractions going on.

2)  Cards against Humanity.  If your children are asleep or it's just adults around, I suggest this game. It's like apples to apples except it's raunchy and inappropriate.  A thumbs up for me!!

3) Dominos.  This is a timeless game that you can play that takes some strategy.  There are several different ways to play this game.

Inspiring MOVIES 

1) Life of Pi

2) The Way

3) Slumdog Millionaire

4) Life is Beautiful

5) Julie & Julia

6) Little Miss Sunshine

7) Life as a House

8) The Blind Side

9) Eat. Pray. Love

10) Don Juan DeMarco


1) You can never go wrong with wine.  I suggest a box!

2)  Here's a great mocktail list.  HERE.

3)  Champagne Ginger Punch.  Recipe HERE.

4)  Grapefruit Mojitos.  Recipe HERE.

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