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Friday, November 8, 2013

Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

For our craft project the other day the girls and I made our own smudge sticks.  The weather is getting pretty cold out there so we cut down all the herbs to dry them for winter use.  I had an abundant of rosemary and some tricolor sage so I decided that it would be a fun little craft and a good lesson about what they are used for.  We discussed how the native americans used them for healing people.  It forces out all the bad energy and leaves room for the good energy.  They liked the sound of that.

To learn more about smudging.  Read HERE.

We clipped off a good bunch of rosemary sprigs and created a little bundle in our hands.

Then we laid the sage sprigs around the rosemary.

After that, we wrapped twine around the bundle to bind it together.  Then we trimmed off any long stems at the end.

Sophia decided to place them on top of our coat rack to dry.  When they are finished drying, we are going to do a little house smudging.  Out with bad and in with the good plus it will smell soooo good.

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