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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Leaf Stamping

It was a beautiful and warm fall day yesterday so I decided that we needed to be outside for our craft time.  The girls wandered around the yard looking for all shapes and colors of fallen leaves that weren't dry and crispy yet.  After collecting their piles of leaves we set up their painting stations at the picnic table.

They painted the backs of the leaves and pressed them onto their paper.  Since I have little girls, glitter was definitely involved!  Evelyn used her hands as stamps and had a blast getting all dirty.  The girls enjoyed helping her get dirty too.  So, I filled up a bucket with warm water and some measuring cups and let them play and wash up.

We saved the painted leaves and plan to make bookmarks with them using contact paper and some heavy books to press the leaves.

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  1. How fun! Nothing says fun better than getting all dirty and some glitter!


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