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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grow your own Garlic

When I was at the Farmer's Market this Fall, I enjoy shopping from local growers - Straw Hat Farms.  They grow all kinds of fun varieties of garlic and were selling bundles to plant yourself.  I thought that I couldn't grow garlic in my little garden because it needed too much room and because of the odor.  I am so glad that they informed me that I had the wrong idea.  Garlic is super hardy, can be tucked in any old spot and will not stink up your garden.

So, I took a bunch of the Inchelium Reds and the Shantung Purple.  Learn more about garlic varieties at

I got them in the ground just in time for the first snowfall of Fall in Colorado.  I decided to plant them under my espaliered fruit trees on the east side of our house.  They would have plenty of room to spread if they wanted to and this side of the house needs a little something else.

I broke apart the garlic bulb into all the cloves.  I also used this as a little math problem for Georgia.  If we have this many bulbs and I want to put 3 bulbs in each hole.  Then how many holes do I need to dig?  She had to think about it for a minute...

Then, I dug my holes between the fruit trees.

Placed each clove with the pointed side up and covered them back up with the soil.  Now we just wait until Spring to see the green shoots coming up.  For each clove that I planted I will get a whole bulb of garlic.  I can't wait to try new varieties next year too!

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  1. I did this for the first time last week! So excited to see how they grow! Yum.


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