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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Art of Layering your Necklaces

I just love the look of layered necklaces.  It is such a simple way to accessorize.  It has such a glamorous yet boho look.  Plus you get to wear lots of your favorite pieces all at once.

Here are some tips to follow when creating your own look.

  • Vary the Lengths of your chain
  • Be bold and mix up different textures and patterns
  • I prefer this look with a V neckline but others work well like a scoop neck
  • Make sure the look is elongating your figure 
  • Pair it with something casual like a rock band tee to glitz it up
  • Put together more simple outfits (no busy patterns) when wearing layered necklaces like your classic little black dress

Refined Style


necklaces Layering Isnt Just for Clothes: Four Tips for Making a Statement with Layered Jewelry


  1. I love this look, mostly because I feel like I used to do this in the 90s...haha. I will have to get some longer chained necklaces so I can rock it.

    1. I need some shorter ones! Isn't it funny how fashions come and go.


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