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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Ways to wear your Master's Green Blazer

Master's Week is here!  Yay!  It's so crazy because we are shoveling snow here in Colorado while it is in the 80's in Augusta, GA.  I see tons of friends & family on facebook sporting tank tops while we are still in coats and boots.  Masters week is so exciting here for us especially since more family is out here.  It's like a reunion and celebration of spring and the South.  Heather, my sister in law, and I are already thinking about all the good stuff that we will cook from our Tea Time at the Masters Cookbooks.

Is it going to be Bubba or Tiger this year??  Sunday is going to be so much fun.

One of the most notable things of the Masters is the legendary Green Jacket.  There was even a famous restaurant in Augusta called the Green Jacket.  We used to go there before our Social dances.  Who all remembers that?  And my stepmom, Denise still makes their infamous Green Jacket House Salad. is THAT good.

Spring time and fashion to me also means wearing green and a 'Green Jacket' is even better.  Here are some ways to mix up your wardrobe for this upcoming weekend with your green jacket in honor of an almost mythical golf tradition.

The top two are my FAVE looks for the Green Jacket!  Which way is your style?


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