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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Coral & Stripes in the Desert

I love this dress that I have from Jcrew.  Maxi dresses are so versatile and are especially great for the spring.  I kept up with my spring coral love that I was inspired by the orange & reds in Santa Fe.  Through a loose knit sweater over your dress to stretch your wardrobe.  I like to make it my own style by throwing on my chucks and layering tons of the colorful paper beaded necklaces!

Family shot at the Audubon Center

Graffiti Art at Tesuque Village

Get the look for yourself!
Spring Coral & Stripes
Spring Coral & Stripes


So Many Joyful Noises we bead connected


  1. Cute! I wish i were a bit taller so I could wear a maxi!

    1. I had to tie mine up. Sometimes I get a really cool brooch and pleat it up in the front/side and pin it. You could try that too!


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