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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Coral & Lavender in the Desert

The corals, oranges & reds in the desert are just so beautiful.  Our spring break trip to Santa Fe has me looking for more ways to incorporate these colors into my wardrobe.  I enjoyed wearing this outfit down there.

I love this polka dot sweater from Target.  It is so versatile and is a great choice for spring since it covers your arms.  I paired it with this lavender color block skirt from Target too.  It is so easy to wear and I love that it has pockets.  I accessorized it with this vintage coffee bean necklace that used to be my mother's.  It has a hint of lavender on each bean too.  I love to wear metallic for earrings since it gives it a neutral appearance but plenty of style.  I really want some coral sandals for the summer and I think these little wedges would be perfect!

Spring Dots with Lavender & Coral

Polka dot sweater

Me too sandals


Polyvore Clipper


  1. Very pretty. Love that skirt.

    1. Thanks! They have several colors at Target. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the coral one.


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