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Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY Waxed Jeans - part 2

I am wearing my Waxed Jeans!  I wore them out in Denver, and they felt great.  I don't think that they left any wax behind on things either.  If you rub on them too much then you will get wax build up under your nails though.

I think they look sweet!  And I think the more that I wear them the better they will age and look more weathered.

Learn how to get the look yourself from my previous post.  Click HERE.


  1. Looking good mama. Love em. I just ordered my bar so I can rewax my boden jacket! yay!

    1. Thanks Hun! I also saw where you can paint them to look like wax too plus they aren't greasy. Might have to give that one a whirl too. You in?


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