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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bats & Pumpkins make for good Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my sweet Sophia! 

She wanted a bat and pumpkin party which made it pretty easy for decorating for Halloween too.  Here are some of the little details that the girls helped me with.

Spiderwebs and ring spiders (cut the ring part off) are super fun to put around the house.

Our favorite glowing witch in the yard is the first thing that the girls get out!!

Pumpkins & gourds look really festive collected together with an old apple box plus a little glitter & bling too!

Here are my pumpkins from last year that I had collected on my apple box.  Lace, black & white paint and glitter!

My favorite wreath from a craft class that I taught last year at Dahlia Floral using some scrap fabric pieces from my Marmie Bags.

Another type that you can make using paper plates & burning the edges.  Make sure you have a bowl of water near by!!

The cupcakes turned out ADORABLE!  Oh my, the girls and I had so much fun making them and they were so cute.  We used oreos for the bat body and chocolate wafers broken in half as the wings.  Then you just shove them in the middle of the oreo.

Of course, we have to have a centerpiece.  We cut dead roses and dead flowers from the garden and put into an extra pumpkin bucket.  Then we picked some dead branches in the yard and added some cobwebs and some toy bats and a black glittery skull.

Who doesn't like a game of Twister??

They all made pumpkin bats to take home.  They turned out pretty cute especially since they were all a little different.  It was lots of fun, pretty simple & I couldn't have asked for more gorgeous weather!

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