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Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Belt or Not to Belt with your Fall Layers

In researching the last two weeks on the topic of belting layers, I have found that there is no definitive guideline of Do's or Don'ts on wearing belts.  It is definitely an individual style choice depending on so many factors.

But with this re-emerging 80's style, there are definitely looks that work and looks that are wrong.  Of course, this is my style opinion.  Even though the 80's were great, there are just some things that don't need a comeback like shoulder pads in sweaters & shirts, bunchy socks & tan pantyhose.

The belt over the blazer reminds of bad fashion like shoulder pads.

I also chatted with several fashionable women here in town who gave me some pointers!  They all agreed that the belt is a great fashion accessory that can really enhance an outfit.  Kimberly McGehee, owner of SheShe Boutique, says "I like a skinny belt because they are so versatile."  Ivy Parnasius, owner of Pollux Clothing Company, states "It's all about the belt!  It makes an outfit more polished."  I love chatting with Ruthie Rich, head stylist of SheShe Boutique, about fashion styling.  She put it best by stating that there are so many variables & styles when it comes to the belt.  It is hard to pinpoint definitive rules because fashions, body shapes, and looks vary dramatically.  Ruthie did agree that certain fashions just don't work on some people but then sometimes you can put that onto another person and it works beautifully!  Therefore, body shapes & proportions can really govern a look.

Some of my other fashionista friends aren't quite into the belted cardigan or sweater look.  It isn't quite their style (a little too polished for them) or others say that it makes them feel like it accentuates problem areas.  I am more of a belt under the cardigan and blazer kind of gal.  I do like a belted sweater dress though if done right!

Here is the info that I gathered to share with all of you if you are on the fence (like me) about this look. It was easier to find photos to help explain styles that work.

So, at the end of my research about belting I conclude to make it your own style, remember your proportions (probably the most important one), keep in mind the color scheme and feel good!

**A great article about how to wear a belt - a must read!!

LOVE belted sweater + dress + boots
I just don't like this open cardigan look. It just seems contrived to me.

I like how the cardigan is closed beneath the belt. I also like how the belt is a contrasting color. It does create a good waistline here.


Here is another example of how the belt over the cardigan looks wrong. The whole outfit is actually wrong. The belt is too wide, the colors are off, the cardigan is open all the way and the shoes just don't work.
Love the belted drapey sweater!
This is not flattering to me at all. Her waist would look so much better with the belt on the inside and the wrap on top. It still makes her looks like she doesn't have a waist.

Finding the perfect belt
I think this works better to me for this look. I like the red! It really gives the outfit a Pop of color. It gives the model a more definitive waistline and I like how the cardigan comes together under the belt.

Belted dress and sweater
Yes, she looks cute. But it seems like the belt just needs to be under the sweater in this outfit or maybe a different color belt. The cardigan is too short. Or wear it more cropped with the belt on top but empire waist style.

Belted sweater over dress.
This is a new look to me. I like the tuck in approach! I might have to toy around with this look!!

Gross! Sorry, but everything is so wrong. No, to the belt over the blazer.

Michelle Obama fashion disaster.jpg
Ehwww! Michelle Obama has quite a few bad belt styles. I don't like it!! Just use the buttons on the coat Michelle!



  1. Well this post convinced me i will definately not be attempting the belt over the sweater situation this fall. I don't need to add any more bulk to my midsection. I do like the belt over the tops and under cardis and blazers up there though. I will get on board with that look! :)

    1. Like all accessories the belt can add to an outfit or take away from it. Who wants extra bulk though? Hope this post helped. It took quite some time to research this topic.


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