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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Kitchen Icon

Every time that I have moved, I always found a spot for my wooden spoons first.  I think it is the first sign in a kitchen to discover if the owner uses it!  I have changed my holder to an old copper stock pot which displays my wooden spoons and whisks quite nicely.  

I also like the old ceramic crocks as holders too.  The old crocks look so homey but have gone up tremendously in price.  I saw one at a thrift store for $8 about 6 years ago and now the same one was selling for $100 in an antique store.  

I LOVE my wooden spoons.  I have many of them but I favor 3 of them. It fits in my hand just right and stirs perfectly.  One has a really long handle with a slightly cupped ladle.  The second one is a pretty standard bamboo spoon with a wide mouth.  The last, but not least, is an old standard carved wooden spoon that just feels sturdy and has been stirring pots for a very long time!

I think I may love my wooden spoons as much as I love a good knife.
What's your kitchen icon?


  1. Funny how we get attached to certain cooking items. I cannot live without my egg poacher, and I have a fave Le creuset pot that I use for most things... I could probably get rid of all my other pots really! haha.

    1. I absolutely adore my Le Creuset dutch oven that Andy bought me one year for Christmas plus it's yellow! I don't have an egg poacher but I know that I would love it. I resisted a rice cooker for years and then I inherited Mehana's. I don't think I could go without it now!

  2. Ben loves having a kettle on the stove - we left ours on the stove at the old little version of "staging" in the hopes that whomever looks at the house gets a "homey" feel in the kitchen. So far, no dice, tho! I love my Kitchen Aid mixer...not that I use it all of the time, but knowing it's there makes me feel like a "grown up" somehow...maybe because my mom had one that I used for cookies as a kid.


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