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Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review of Bringing of BéBé

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I thoroughly enjoyed Bringing of BéBé by Pamela Druckerman!  I could barely finish a chapter without having a great conversation about things with my husband.  There were so many concepts that just make sense for parenting children that aren't so high maintenance.  Also, Pamela's style of writing makes you feel like you are having a cup of coffee while chatting with your girlfriend.

Some of the points that I really liked and have implemented:

  • Not rushing to my child's side but giving them a chance to either self-soothe, figure things out on their own or create imagination.
  • Following the French Food Rules which my children weren't thrilled about - mostly the no snacking thing! But magically, they clean their plates!  We also do dinner in courses starting with the veggie first that way they fill up on the most important side.
  • Being flexible with snack so they get their sweet tooth satisfied.   
  • Love the Yoghurt Cake Recipe.  Sophia, my 5 year old, can make it all by herself!
  • Remembering that your marriage comes first ALWAYS!  Sex is very very important.  And that the government pays for women to get their vaginas & abdomen back in shape.  I really would have loved doing that after having kids.
  • French mothers don't have Mommy Guilt like American Mothers.
  • Children need to learn to be respectful, be held accountable, and not be the center of attention. So many parents hover and create everything way to child focused.
  • Take pride in your appearance.
  • Eat well but PAY ATTENTION to what you eat.  That is the french motto for staying slim. But they believe in taking the weekend off to indulge which means more than 1 glass of wine, some chocolate and maybe a little bread.
  • Kids have exquisite food palates!  Remember that.
  • French mothers don't lose who they are in mothering!  
  • French mothers don't ever 'let themselves go'!  
  • French mothers don't demasculate their husbands!
I hope that you read this amazing book and give yourself, your marriage & your children (in that order) the structure or cadré that will empower your family!  These are just some things that have become the norm for American mothers that obviously doesn't work.  

I hope she does studies from other cultures as well!  I will be the first in line to read them.

Always learning.  Always loving.  Always a new day to start over.


  1. Dude! I love this book too. I am halfway through and I cannot wait to read it everynight. So interesting! I see how many foodie type things that are different from the beginning. They have to learn patience and to delay gratification. now isn't that something we all need to practice! Love it too!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my comments about the book - looks like it's quite a popular read (and rightly so!). I love your list - the "pay attention" motto for food has been a great help and I've started the "one snack between lunch/dinner" approach, too. So far, so good! So many good ideas and definitely an engaging style of writing.

    1. Thanks for coming over! Very interesting read indeed.

  3. Soooo...would you be willing to pass your copy onto anyone yet? Or should I add this to my Amazon list?

    1. Scha-wiiiing! Yes, my muse for that response is Wayne's World - I'm deep, ya know. I'll bug ya for it!


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