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Monday, July 30, 2012

Raising Cupcake Eaters

I am loving my book that I am reading! It is Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. Each chapter is a wealth of lessons that she has learned & studied on French parenting. I am a big believer in this non-chalant parenting style that is both firm and loving that creates balanced people. I am looking forward to doing a full review for you all on this book when I finish.

This little cupcake lesson was cute to me. French mothers teach their children how to wait or delayed gratification as Pamela likes to call it. I think it is a very important skill to teach your children.

While her French friend let's her 3 year old make cupcakes all by herself, the author sits chatting with the mom. She is very struck at the idea of the french mom not hovering over this task. Most American mothers would not be allowing their 3 year old to make cupcakes by themselves! But the little girl does a great job and allows the two of them to chat without interruption.

The next thing is that they only have snack or gouter at 4pm every day so even though the cupcakes are ready before the children must wait. And there is no whining about it!

Once it's time for gouter, cupcakes are treated like a child's food, and the adults just have coffee or tea. Hmmm... I think that I am more like Pamela's mother - I am from a long line of cupcake eaters!

Are you raising cupcake eaters? What are your thoughts on children and instant gratification in our society?

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