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Friday, July 27, 2012

Plethera of Breakfast Customs

As I was eating my spam, rice & seaweed roll for breakfast in Hawaii, it made me think about how different breakfast can be all over. I know that eating customs are very different in other places but breakfast seems to be even more different to me. Just in our culture alone if you ask a group of people what they had for breakfast, it would range greatly.

In other countries esp. asian or hispanic, rice is a huge staple even for breakfast. Eggs are served with a meat ad rice.

When I was in France, I would indulge on a cup of coffee with a chocolate croissant every morning. good but after a month I gained 15 lbs. in that skinny country! Ha.

While my husband was in Germany, he enjoyed the simple, protein breakfast that included a hard boiled egg, cured meats, nuts & cheese with some dried fruits and bread. I call that picnic or travel food. It's so satisfying.

My husband's family is from Puerto Rico. While we were there we ate lots of rice or bread, fresh avocado and mangos or any other fresh fruit for breakfast. Coffee grows there too and is drunk just about all day and of course the rum!! We had rum with fresh squeezed grapefruits to start some days.

At home our daily meal can vary from bagels, English muffins, oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, biscuits, scones, bacon or sausage. That's pretty much our standard choices.

I really enjoy breakfast. Sometimes I even cook it for dinner. But as I get older I find it harder to eat first thing in the morning. I need a good hour of being awake with my cup of joe first before I can eat anything.

Do you eat breakfast? What are some of your favorite breakfast foods at home or afar?

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