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Monday, August 27, 2012

Would you give this whiny kid some Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks???

What is up with Betty Crocker actually approving this commercial???   It is the type of parenting that you cringe at.  Why would anyone encourage this?  It seems that there are plenty of companies out there that just love 'wrong message' marketing.

Geez, we can't even get thru the check-out at the grocery store without the candy being right there.  Why not a fresh fruit snack stand instead?

Here is a great example of Healthy Check-Out Lines at Utah's Harmons City Creek Grocery.  Maybe this should be a new campaign of mine???? hmmmmm...
Martin's Food Market in Richmond, VA
*This one still has some processed food though.
It is very disappointing that our culture & media think that commercials of this nature are going to sell more product.  If this commercial does make you run to the store to stock up - then, all there is to say is Bless Your Heart!

If this were my child, I probably would have

  1. Told them that they weren't allowed to speak the rest of the grocery shopping.
  2. Made them push the cart and do the rest of the shopping for me.
  3. Put back all the stuff that I just bought for them.
  4. Jerked my kids little butt out of the store.
  5. Put them in time out right there in Aisle 7.
  6. ANYTHING other than buying the Damn Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks!


  1. I totally agree. I use to love to shop in Winn Dixie stores when my boys were little. They did have Check out lines with 99¢ golden books. My boys always looked forward to picking out a new book, and there was never any whining while I shopped. A healthy snack and a book would be perfect. And now, our grandchildren can enjoy these same books.


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