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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lake City, CO Getaway - Day 1

It has been a HOT one here in Montrose, CO so Andy & I decided to get away for a little weekend trip to relax with the girls and get out of the heat.  We decided on Lake City, CO!

It is a quick & beautiful 1 1/2 hour drive from Montrose in the summer.  Here is a map of the route but in the summer you can take Co Rd 25 and cut off the corner of Blue Mesa Reservoir.  It took off a good 30 minutes of the drive.

Make sure you bring your fishing poles!  You drive by Lake Fork River on this cut off which is just breathtaking.  So stop & cast a line.  There is also a great camp site there to check out for another trip!  Fly rods do better this time of year since the fish are coming to the surface so leave your spin rod at home :)

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I called the Chamber of Commerce of Lake City to find a good place to stay and since the wildfires were all over Colorado we decided to get a room instead of camping since we couldn't have a fire.  The Chamber recommended several little cabin places but we ended up choosing West Wood Resort.  We stayed in these adorable, stocked cabins that just feel like the mountains.  For a 2 Bedroom cabin with 2 Queen Beds - we paid $75 a night!  What a deal.  They have other cabins as well that are smaller & larger.  Keith & Theresa, the owners, greeted us with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  YUM!  

Here's our cute little cabin.

I just loved this little gas stove in our cabin.  It's so cute!
Since we left after Andy got home from work, we decided to go into town to eat out instead of cooking.  It's a short walk from where we were staying but this is the perfect little town for bikes!  We decided on Southern Vittles for dinner.  I had the Chicken Fried Steak & Andy had the Fire Boiled Shrimp.  The dinner was adequate but not memorable.  The rest of the menu consisted of classic southern fare such as Po'boys and Fried Shrimp Plates.  The girls got a grilled cheese with fries.

Then we headed back to our little cabin and watched a little TV.  The TV was very old - the kind I remember as a kid.  It had 1 knob to turn on & work volume.  And one knob to change the channels.    The girls had never seen such an antique - it was a box instead of flat.  It made Andy & I laugh!  Then off to bed!  I had to get up in the night to close the windows because it got too chilly.  But, it was so nice to wake up to a cool mountain 40 degrees F.

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. I looooove lake city! you may have just inspired a weekend trip for our family!


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