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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake City, CO Getaway - Day 2

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Day 3

Day 2 - So we woke up to a chilly mountain morning that was just divine.  Evelyn didn't sleep the greatest.  We had her in a pack n' play at the foot of the bed.  Every time we even rolled over or breathed, she woke up.  But Andy slept pretty good - that man can sleep through a hurricane!  So, he was up before me and brought me some coffee in bed.  What a treat!  I slipped on my Smartwool socks and found the girls snuggled on the couch watching cartoons.  Then, Andy & I finished our coffees together on the front porch of our little cabin while basking in the rising warm sun.  Ahhhhhh.....

I headed into the kitchen and cooked up some sausage, eggs, english muffins and a pineapple for breakfast.  We all got ready for the day and loaded up the car with supplies for a picnic lunch.

We drove up to Deer Lakes where the fishing is pretty good for the kids (stocked) and people pretty regularly see the Moose up in the swampy areas.  We hiked up to the higher lakes to get away from the van of people that just unloaded there!!  What a great view.  But No Moose today :(  There are also some camp spots up there but I wouldn't recommend them.  They are right next to the road that is well traveled and they just seem like an after thought.
Georgia & Me carrying Evelyn at Deer Lakes

Andy with the girls about to test out the waters.  The girls even went swimming!
The dark clouds started to move in so we decided to head down plus it was time for lunch.  We tried to have a picnic at Lake Cristobal which is very pretty but it was rather windy & the picnic spot was so far from the lake that you couldn't even see the water.  The campsites across the lake are very pretty though but I would definitely NOT recommend them with children.  They sit up right on a cliff next to the lake.  But we drove around the water and headed back into town to Memorial Park that is next to the river and it has a playground.  Andy and the girls both jumped in the river after lunch, but it's a little too chilly for me!!

Here is our picnic spot.  We used the big rocks as our table while we soaked our feet in the river.

Right up the alley in the park is the playground.  After lunch the girls played!
Then, we went across the street after our picnic lunch into town.  What a cute, untouched mountain town!  It's so quaint and small.  Here is a photo of Lake City below with Town Park on the right that was always full of people and on the left are all kinds of shops.

Public Library
My little muffins on the Boardwalk
The first stop after lunch was the San Juan Soda Co.  HOLY MOLY!  This old-fashioned ice cream parlor is almost like stepping back into another era.  We made a couple of stops here during our stay and it was always VERY BUSY!!  They make all their ice cream treats the old way.  They have all the parfait, milkshake, sundae, banana split and float glassware.  I got a root beer float with vanilla ice cream - so did Sophia.  Georgia got a Raspberry Sundae and Andy got a peanut butter cup ice cream cone.  We took our treats and sat out in their little courtyard on the side.  Evelyn was enthralled with the little water fountain made from an old whiskey barrel.

Soda Fountain

Waiting for our cool treats
Soooooo good!  Sophia couldn't finish hers so they put it in a to-go cup for her.
We decided to do a little walking around town to settle our very full bellies.  This was a fun little putting green that said "Daddy Daycare" on the sign.  Haha

And we especially loved this garden center called the Potting Shed that had a full garden on the roof!  We really love it here.  They also had some local produce for sale.

Silly girls & silly poses

Cute little bench for a girl with a mohawk!

Just another cabin resort in town.  There are a lot & they are so adorable.  This one had a playhouse in front.

We made our way back to Town Park for a little more playtime.  They are all swinging - Georgia, the Sophia on Andy's lap and then EB in her baby swing.
Walked back by Southern Vittles to see some good ol' Sunshine Tea brewing.

AWESOME little organic grocer in town.  We grabbed some drinks & a snack to take back to the cabin.
Inside View
We went back to the cabin for some rest and an afternoon nap for EB and some reading for me.  Then Andy headed to the river to fish.  Looks like he picked a great spot!

Later, I started cooking some dinner while we snacked and had a little afternoon cocktail!

After dinner we headed for a walk and some fishing!  Great Spot and we saw a deer.

The caught a big one!

It started to get super chilly once the sun went down so we walked over to Mean Jean's Coffee Shop to warm up with a drink and listen to some live music!  Lots of families were there too and they had brought a ton of hula hoops.  So, the girls danced & hula hooped to the music until we were all ready for bed!  

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