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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake City, CO Getaway - Day 3

Day 1 
Day 2

This was our last day here.  Beautiful, cool morning & a filling breakfast before packing it all up to check out by 10 am.  We then headed into town to attend the community church that is held twice a year (once at Easter & once before the 4th of July) at the Public School.  What an amazing experience to see all the denominations come together as one.  It was such a glorious morning. The cottonwood trees rained upon us during the service.  It looked like angels floating above our heads.

We then headed South after the service on the Hwy to the overview of Slumgullion Pass.  It is so incredible that all of that land slid down the mountain.  It is very easy to see & it still slides at about 20 feet a year.  Crazy!  And on the hwy it goes pass the Alfred Packer Massacre sight which I just recently found out about. Yuck!  click here to find out the San Juan cannibal story  

I am going to make the famous slumgullion stew!

A little further south on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway is the North Clear Creek Falls.  It is a short & easy walk to the overview of the falls.  Unfortunately, there isn't a way to stand at the base of the falls.  I would have loved to feel the power & mist.  I just LOVE waterfalls.  And if you take the other little trail that goes up higher which is behind the restroom the overlook is amazing!

Here's where our trip became an adventure!!  On the map that the Chamber of Lake City provided us it appears the County Road 520 is 2 wheel drive all the way to Silverton.  SO we decided to take that route home.  What a beautiful stretch of country that follows a series of reservoirs and rivers between two ranges.  We traveled this road for about 30 miles until it switched into a 4 wheel drive road.  Normally it wouldn't be a problem for us but we took my family car which is an AWD Ford Freestyle.  After chatting to several vehicles coming from the ominous Stoney pass direction, we decided to turn around.  Ughhh....what an inconvenience but it would have been awful to get stuck on top!!  We are coming back again but in our equipped truck!!  We stopped at several spots to stretch our legs & fish.

2 wheel drive - yeah right

So many dead trees
We made our way back to Lake City in time for dinner.  We asked a local to recommend a family place to eat.  We were directed to Restless Spirits Saloon.  Who would have thought the bar was also the family eatery too!  It was packed in there.  The menu consisted of pizzas, salads appetizers & sandwiches.  We got a margherita pizza, large greek salad & chicken nachos.  It was divine!  So fresh & so good!  Highly recommend.  Then we went back to the Soda Fountain for more ice cream.  Perfect ending to a great weekend!  I can't wait to go back.

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  1. Loved reading about your trip. Sounds and looks like it is a perfect place for family weekend get -a -ways. Beautiful pictures.


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