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Friday, May 18, 2012

The perfect linen shorts

I am kinda picky about somethings.  One is Linen Shorts.  I don't like the ties on them at all!  It just isn't practical to always have your shirt tucked in.  I also like a mid-length cut on the leg too. So here are the ones that I like the best.  It took some time trying to find these.  I don't know why this year the linen selection is kinda limited.

This is my post for Favorite Fridays too :)

I am not sure which one that I am going to choose?  I really like the Ann Taylor shorts.  But I really like them all.  Hmmmm... Which one do you like?

I really like Ann Taylor's Breezy Linen Twill Shorts but I can't get the photo on here.  Here is the link.  They are $68.  They come in khaki, black and a yellow/green.

Michael Stars $78.00

Old Navy $24


  1. I love those Michael Stars ones!

  2. Yes the Michael Stars shorts are very cute. Ummmm wonder if we can special order for SheShe?!?


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