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Thursday, May 17, 2012

F*** Therapy - adults only

This is a post for adults only so if you are offended by the word Fuck then you shouldn't keep reading!  I am using that word because that's how it is - keeping it real folks!

So I have a challenge for everyone out there that is married or in a relationship.  I guarantee results - hopefully the results that you are looking for.  And if women are reading this - I also guarantee that your spouse will be on board with this marriage counseling!  It saved our marriage for sure and whenever we start feeling too busy for each other or stressed - we get back on board for another go!

Here it goes:  I challenge ALL of you to have sex with your partner everyday for a month!  Yes, that's what I said EVERY DAY!  If a month is not doable then start out with 2 weeks first.

Now, you can see where the word Fuck comes into play here.  Somedays that's all it is.  Other days it is more intimate & sensual.  Some days you initiate & other days he does.  Some times you might have a 3am wake & do it.

The point is that you are intentionally making important, scheduled time every day for each other.  And an added bonus of an orgasm every day!  Do you how much better your life will be and your relationship?  I will tell you - it is going to be Fan-Fucking-tanastic!!

And for all of you guys who already Do It daily, then your challenge will be to try a new position for 2 weeks minimum!!

I look forward to hearing about your story when it's over and the results!  So go out there people and start a Fucking Revolution.


  1. This is great advice!

  2. It has been a very long time since my husband and I fucked. I had a hysterectomy in January therefore we had to wait several weeks. We were given the ok after 4 weeks and were very excited to get it on... But we waited a couple more weeks just to be safe. Unfortunately there were some complications from my surgery so I ended up back in the hospital and had three more procedures done and I was away from home for about 5 weeks which really put a damper on any so called sex . I have been home now for over awhile but I'm still recovering, nevertheless I alwayss find ways to please my husband! As of Sunday night we are officially back in the game and last night we did it again in a different position.... Unfortunately my favorite position "doggie style" will have to wait until I am fully recovered... That's when we will really be FUCKING!!!


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