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Monday, May 21, 2012

Not true Mr. Wilde

I have been seeing this quote on Pinterest a lot.  I think Mr. Wilde has gotten this one wrong!  Very wrong indeed.
I'm not even sure where to start with this one.  First of all you always want to love everyone all the time.  Let me refer back to what love is:

This is true love. the only deepest love. the love you work on everyday.
So if you love someone then you wouldn't be holding out like Oscar suggests!

Second of all, if you feel ordinary then it is YOU who feel ordinary.  The other person can't make you feel anyway that you don't feel about yourself.  You have the ability to love & feel loved because....

You LOVE yourself!

That is the key everyone!  You have the power to make yourself feel extraordinary nobody else does.  So if you are truly happy and you love yourself then you will have so much love that it spills over to everyone all the time!  


If you do feel ordinary with someone you love, you need to work on yourself first. Then, find out how to improve your marriage or relationship - I have got the challenge for you guys!  I guarantee 100% results!  It's what I like to call F*** Therapy!

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  1. You write the TRUTH, Sista! And by the way...hypothetically speaking...when a 2 year old walks in during a therapy session and says "whatchoo doin' guys?"...ummm...yeah...


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