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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Family Gatherings

I love getting with my family on Sundays for good food, fellowship & laughter!  It's such a wonderful tradition that spans across all the world throughout time.  Being with your loved ones in the kitchen just seems primal.  Isn't it funny that no matter what the occasion and how hard you try to get people in your living room - they always end up in the kitchen.

It is the heart of my house!

We haven't always had the luxury of family close by, but the tradition of family gatherings over food never died.  You just create your own family with great friends.  When Andy and I lived in Telluride, we would have the most amazing meals with our friends.  For Thanksgiving we fried up some Turkeys and everyone brought a side dish.  Then, we played charades until people were falling asleep on the couch.   Such amazing memories!

We also created a dinner club with 3 other couples.  Each couple would host once a month and prepare the most fabulous dinners.  Then the rest of us would bring the wine.  I loved those dinners with my Telluride Family.  And now that my actual family has moved out here we continue to cook & have fellowship and what better day than Sunday!

Last night we had the most amazing dinner: shrimp cocktail, prime rib with au jus, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, mixed salad, asparagus, strawberry cake & wine!  And don't forget lots of laughter.  We had a lot of fun taking all the photos - we realized that the lighting in the fridge was awesome! So we used it as our photo backdrop. haha

She found her toes with Aunt Heather jus

Yorkshire Pudding

Prime Rib

Andy and Adam

Peeking around my beer

Aunt Laura & Dave

In the fridge
More in the fridge fun

The yummy dessert!


  1. How wonderful. I love the idea of having a dinner club! I may have to come up with some folks to do that with! We used to have a bunch of friends that would participate in wine and cheese nights with us and everyone would bring wine and different cheeses...but they all moved away. :(

    1. You should! It's lots of fun. I recommend it being a sitter night. And the meals we prepared had to be top notch!! It was so fabulous. All of our friends made the most amazing meals & the evening was always so perfect.


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