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Monday, March 5, 2012

Curtain Ideas on a Budget

Curtains are a necessity in so many ways.  You need them for privacy, shade and aesthetics.  But they can be so spendy to get the exact ones that you want.  I seem to always want the ones that would end up being on a payment plan!  But, my pocket book doesn't allow that kind of budget on curtains so I came up with Plan B.

I love searching Pottery Barn's clearance curtains when I have the chance.  You can get some good deals online with them or ebay, but in the store is where you can save BIG!  I can always get curtains on clearance there for less than I could get fabric at the fabric store.

I love this look below with my navy Pottery Barn ticking curtains that goes just perfect to cover up my laundry nook.  I was able to get each panel on ebay for $19.99.  Then, I headed down to Home Depot and got a steel pipe with threading already on each side and 2 end fittings.  I think that came to be around $20.  

You screw in one side of the pipe into one end fitting and screw the fitting into the wall.  Then, feed the curtains on.  Then you twist the other end fitting onto the end of the pipe and slide up to the spot on the wall that you want & secure it onto the wall.  Remember to mark & pre-drill your screw holes to make it easier.  It's super inexpensive & very industrial looking.  I love it!

Here's one other great idea that I came up with to save money.  One of my little girl's bedroom is on the south side of the house and gets blasted with the sun.  This room gets so hot; therefore, it needed the insulated curtains as well as blacking out for napping.  Insulated/Black Out curtains are very pricey even for a small window.  I visited the local Salvation Army and snagged some nasty old 70's curtains that were already lined with the insulation backer.  Then, I just sewed on my cute little (on clearance) Shabby Chic Panels that I got from Target.  No one has to know that the 70's are alive and well under there :)


  1. Great ideas! I need to make my room darker for afternoon naps!

    xo's, vanessa

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! I will check out your blog too :)


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