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Friday, July 18, 2014

What is your Body Trying to Tell You

I find it very interesting to learn what your body is trying to tell you about your spirit with certain illnesses.  This study is called the metaphysical cause of illnesses.  Do you have recurring illnesses?  Or how about you develop a disease that seems so random?  Of course, sometimes you just get sick with a cold or something but usually when you do it's because you are stressed, run down or haven't been taking good care of yourself.  So, really it is still a metaphysical cause.

When I get sick or someone I know does, I always like to look up the emotional cause of the sickness.  It is really telling.  I also like to look it from several different sights.

Here are some that I really like to use:

Louise Hay List of Common Illnesses and Metaphysical Causes

Vital Affirmations - Healing - Metaphysical Causes

The Mind-Body Connection Glossary: Index of Ailments

For instance, when I was a teenager and in college I used to get bronchitis and sinus infections at least once a year.

The metaphysical meaning is .....

From "Your enthusiasm for life has become depressed because you have devoted your time and energy to someone or something outside of yourself. This drains your life force energy because you are not doing something you really want to do that makes you feel passionate and vital. You need to start devoting your energy to inspires you and uplifts your heart."

From vital  "Inflamed family environment."

From  "The ability to take in life. Depression. Grief. Not feeling worthy of living life fully."

During that time my parents were going through a divorce that wasn't expected.  I fell in love with Andy and he was my everything.  I was away at college and life was so different.  I can look back and see why I kept getting the same illness.  As of today, I haven't had these sicknesses since then.  It really is eye opening to see what is your "work".

Here are some other common ones:

Kidney - "A relationship issue has come to the surface to be resolved however, you feel angry about this so you are holding on to this feeling in order to feel powerful. You need to release your anger and focus your energy on what you truly want for this relationship."

Migrane - "When your mind will not allow an outlet for your frustrations, you create an blockage of energy in and around the head. You need to relinquish control of your emotions by allowing yourself to express how you feel in a constructive way."

Fatigue - "We become tired when our body, mind and souls are not equally engaged in what we are doing in life. When we do not feel a sense of purpose in what we are doing or when the mind rules over our hearts or bodies, we become imbalanced because some part of us has to compensate by disengaging whilst another forces or pushes us to keep going. It is this imbalance that causes us to feel tired and drained."

What is your illness and what does is body trying to tell you?


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  1. I get regular sinus infections and I can relate to the first answer you put "life energy being drained". I feel this is something we as women do, we pour our energy into people, our family our friends, people we want to help and then we don't feel revitalized because it isn't returned! Thanks for the insight!


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