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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A tribute to Claudia

My mother-in-law passed away this past Thursday after a short battle with an aggressive cancer.  It doesn't even seem real that this really happened.  Claudia Heaney Montalvo was a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and wonderful friend.  I became a part of the Montalvo clan right after my 17th birthday.  I was instantly part of the family.  I could always talk to Claudia.  She was my confidant.  I could tell her things that I couldn't tell my mom or a friend.  She was such a big part of our lives and she is going to be so missed my us all.

I made two lists about Claudia that I read at her service.  One is of all the funny things that she loved and the other is all the things that we will miss about her.  At her memorial service we even came up with two new Claudia words that I know she would have gotten a kick out of. 

1. Claudia-isms  
2. Claudia time

Things Claudia loved:
beach sands from around the world
diet coke in a can
smelly lotions
Hawaiian shirts
Irish butter
little hotel shampoos, conditioners & soaps
refrigerator magnets from around the world
Caribbean & Hawaiian music
Passoa Liquor & 43 Liquor with milk
reading glasses with beaded lanyards
her family & friends

Things we will miss:
"Oh Geez"
30 minute goodbyes
Puerto Rican rice & beans
"Come on Joe"
"Geez Joe"
sitting on outlet mall benches for hours
Correcting Joe's grammar
Repeating yourself to her because she can't hear
freaking her out on mountain roads
hugs to say hello & goodbye
always available
good listener
a dependable DD
how hilarious she was after only one drink
loved to go on vacation or plan a vacation
the prettiest blue eyes
the most beautiful, abnormally strong legs
family dinners
the way she would look at you like something was on your face
always happy
always smiling
trying to get 3 dz ears of corn, 2 dz peaches, corn chips, tortillas, jerky, etc... into an already packed suitcase
getting 15 pairs of socks for Christmas because they were a good deal
parenting & marriage advice
she was the glue who pulled all the extended family together
miss all the love and memories esp. with the new addition of a grandchild

This is the best poem that I have seen that helps with losing a loved one.  

We love you Claudia.  We will all miss you terribly!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute! Claudia was such a genuine person and always smiling. It breaks my heart to think of her suffering and to know how painful this has to be for all of you. No parent should have to experience the loss of a child and I hurt for her Mom. How blessed we all are to have known Claudia! We shall all meet up with her again one day. Love and prayers to all of you. Joyce Parrott

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to Claudia. "Oh Geez" made me laugh. I could almost here her saying that. She will be missed, but never forgotten. Thankful that there are so many special memories to carry in your hearts.


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