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Monday, June 23, 2014

Music Festival Fashion

Telluride Bluegrass has come and gone this year.  Town is hustling and bustling to clean up after the massive droves of hippies came through town in the last week.  Fashion is always a notable thing at any festival.  Telluride's festivals are on the top of the festival wear list.  You can see traditional hippie look, skanky wear, practically naked, the typical blue jean look, Halloween costumes, the preppy country club attire, the easy comfy clothes, etc.......

Or this guy:

You have to see the close up of his tattoo (hilarious):

Plus, on top of your fashion statement you have to prepare yourself for all types of weather!  I am looking forward to my music festival in July - The Ride Festival.  It's a new festival with this being the third year.  I love this one because the weather is a little more dependable in July plus it doesn't have crazy crowds to deal with.  I loved going to the first year where we got to see The Lumineers bring down the house before they were very popular.  Here we are in 2012 - the first year with our great friends!

I was thinking of my own fashion statement for this year's festival.  I want an outfit that is a little sexy ~ but still comfy ~ kinda classy ~ with a little funk. Something that I can pull leggings underneath and throw on an oversized sweater when the sun goes down.

Here's my Pick:

I have a sweet hat but I am always in the market for a new one ;)  I plan to make this dress below.  I just ordered some viscose/spandex fabric in black and sea foam green (leaning towards the green).  I definitely have a necklace that I can wear down my back.  I have my vintage cowgirl boots that look similar to the ones below.  I have a sweater that will work but I really love the H&M striped sweater below.  I might even throw on a fun brooch on my hat too.

Now, I just have to figure out Day Two's Outfit!

Music Festival Outfit

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