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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Asymmetrical Pixie Styles

I have been growing my uber short pixie cut into a longer asymmetrical pixie style.  I am loving have more of a frame around my face plus it's a little more versatile as far as styling.  I like challenging myself by cutting all my hair off.  This has been the third time that I have done this.  It's a great way to unnerve yourself as well as realizing that your beauty and sense of self doesn't lay in your mane of hair.

Here are some ways that I have been wearing my asymmetrical pixie these days.  I also want to thank my fabulous hairstylist, Lauren who has made this all possible!  xoxo

I love to wear a scarf or my braided hairband.  See it from this post.  I start with a long scarf at the back of my head then criss cross it the front and tie it in the back.  I like to off center the twist since my hair is also off-centered.  I tuck in the tails of the scarf under the sides.  This is great to add color and not worry with bed head.

This is my every day style.  I blow dry it straight with my fingers and no product.  I use a straightening iron to tame my curls.  Then, I finish it with a really thick wax product to keep it in place.

Sometimes, I just can't tame my curls and I don't want to.  I love having that beach look.  I diffuse it and still use the straightening iron to help with some stubborn fly aways.  I finish it with lighter gel that holds but not too thick.

This is the last look that I have been doing.  I style it just like I did above when wearing it straight except for when I straighten it, I flip it out.  I like this edgy look.  It goes great with certain outfits like leather or heels!

There you have it!  Some great ways to wear and style your asymmetrical pixie.  I get asked a lot about having short hair and thick hair.  Yes, it is possible to have a short style that isn't poofy or too frizzy.  First, you have to have a great stylist and second, you have to try on new looks with different products until you figure out just how you like it.  I always say it's just hair.  So have fun and challenge yourself to a new look!

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