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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Ways to Style a Pixie Haircut

I'm transitioning my pixie cut into an asymmetrical one like these (HERE and HERE).  In the meantime I have found another way to start styling with accessories.

I got a braided hairband that I use when I am having a fly away hair day.  I have really thick wavy hair with a lot of volume so it can be challenging to get my hair not to be so puffy looking.  I can let my hair dry natural or use a diffuser to get a little body and curl.  I then slip on my braided headband and tuck in pieces here and there to give it a messy, tossed look.  I love these custom pieces from a crafter on Etsy at Puppycatmeow.  But you can also buy them at little jewelry/accessory stores in the mall like Claire's.

One other styling tip that I have for all of you that have short and thick hair like me is a snug woolie hat.  After I blow-dry and flat iron my hair, I always pull on a cap to help flatten out the volume.  It looks in the moisture and gives my hair a little more of a demure look.  If I decide to wear a hat in the winter, I always like to leave my hair peaking out so I don't look like I'm bald.

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