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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wedding Love and Flowers

I had a little time this morning to write a little and catch you all up on the family fun we have been having here in Georgia.  My little brother got married on May 3, 2014.  It was a family affair on our childhood farm.  Everyone did such a great job pitching in to make it so special for Mitch and Aimee.  We were so nervous the week before because the rain just kept coming and there was even tornados forecasted.  We were fortunate that the storm blew over and we had the most glorious, sunny day.

I did all the flowers for the wedding.  I picked all the greenery and filler from the farm.  There was so much to choose from.  I used camellia, honeysuckle, fern, hosta, some azalea and holly.  Then I paired it with the flowers that Aimee had ordered.  She had beautiful blush tulips, roses and peonies.  She wanted a loose, woodsy, romantic look.  I think it turned out just right.  I even made her a head wreath made from honeysuckle with lily of the valley tucked in the front.  My girls were flower girls and I made them each a baby's breath head wreath.  I loved the boutonnieres for them men.  I didn't get a good photo of it but it was one white peony that hadn't opened yet with a few sprigs of baby's breath and a variegated host leaf behind it.  It was so fresh and simple.

Andy helped other family members with slow cooking a pig.  We had a Southern feast with a Hispanic twist.  The pig was the main attraction but you could eat it three ways: bbq sandwich style with potato salad and coleslaw, carnitas style with homemade hot sauce and tortillas and limes, or island style with rice and black beans and plantains.  Aimee worked her tail off the week before making her own 3 tiered red velvet wedding cake.  My grandmother surprised my brother with a Hummingbird Cake for the groom's cake that I got to help her frost.

After the beautiful ceremony in front of our pond.  There was a wine and cheese hour while all the family got their pictures taken.  Then we had our grand pig feast.  Then the dancing started under twinkling lights that took the groomsmen ALL day to hang earlier in the week. ;)  It was such a fun fun day with lots of love.

I am so happy for my little brother.  Now, our family has grown to include Aimee's family.  I have two more sisters (Aimee and her sister).  I am looking forward to many more memories to come.  I only wish we lived closer to each other.

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