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Friday, April 25, 2014

From the Big Box of My Life. My baby brother is getting married.

I am leaving on a jet plane today to go back home to Georgia to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my baby brother, Mitch to his beautiful bride, Aimee!

I am looking forward to all of our family being together, for the laughs, for the fun, and let's not forget amazing food.

I dug through my big box of pictures to honor my sweet brother.  Love you so much!  We've had so many good times throughout the years.  Wished you lived a little closer.

My new baby brother
I snuck in the homemade chocolate syrup into Mitch's crib.

We loved this go cart but Mitch, the dare devil, scared Mama so bad the go cart had to go away.  Plus he would wear this hat and everyone would say "Hey Mitch" and he would wonder how people knew his name.

Pretty typical!  I would catch him practicing making faces in the bathroom mirror!

Here's his long hair days!

Holding his first niece! 

Skiing in Colorado 

Congratulations Mitch and Aimee!

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