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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday. things to miss

I decided last week that I would take photos of the little treasures that I will miss in my home.  They may seem random to you but they are the things that surround me and I have grown to love them.

I have been having a difficult time moving forward with this relocation.  I am excited about it but I really really associate my safety, security and foundation around my house.  It is so unsettling to feel ungrounded.  I know that I will be fine once I get my stuff situated into the new house.

I've been doing little things to help myself be grounded.  I try to go barefoot all the time at home.  I meditate and visualize my roots going into the ground from my feet.  I have been rubbing my feet.  You can also take an epsom salt bath which I plan on doing too.

I know it is just situational but what a strange feeling for me to feel ungrounded.  I've never had a problem staying grounded.  My areas of work are always my heart and solar plexus areas.  I am being kind to myself until we get moved to the new house.

Here are the little details that make my home:

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