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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hot Spring Trend: Tangerine Lipstick

I am loving the new spring trend of tangerine lipstick.  It's like a twist on the classy red lips.  I think it's the perfect color for spring.  Match it with pinks and lavenders and limes.  I think it will give anyone a pop of color.  If you are worried about your coloring, just make sure you get the right shade for you.  Make sure the rest of your face is more toned down in earthy shades so you don't end up looking like the 80's.

Brunettes: pick one with red undertones
Blonds: pick a more peachy/melon shade
Red Heads: don't do a matte and wear blush so you don't look washed out
Dark Hair & Skin: pick one with more blue undertones and glossy looks good on you



Here are some links to some fabulous fashions that would look amazing with this new spring color:

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